Oil central heating systems work in a similar way to gas-powered systems. 

Instead of using a gas boiler, it uses an oil-fired boiler to heat water which provides the central heating via radiators and hot water through the taps in your home. 

The main difference between the two systems is that you’ll need to have your oil supply delivered and stored in a tank.

An energy-efficient, oil-fired central heating system will have the same controls as a modern gas-fired system:

  • A room thermostat,
  • Thermostatic Radiator Valves
  • Electronic 7-day timer with separately programmable hot water and room heating.
  • Cylinder thermostat on the hot water tank.
  • The boiler and thermostats wired in an interlock to prevent short-cycling when there is no demand for either hot water or room heating.

Oil fired boiler replacement this week near Newmarket. An external Firebird was the choice for this installation with a massive extended 10 years boiler warranty.

“The heart of every home”. A Hounsfield Tuscan oil fired boiler installed in Suffolk. This boiler comes with 5 years warranty for peace of mind.

Oil Boiler Installation – Frequently Asked Questions

What is OFTEC technician?
An OFTEC technician is authorised to self-certify that their heating work complies with all local building regulations and standards. They can also undertake specific works without needing to submit a building control notice.

As a result, local authorities will not need to inspect their work which saves you time and money.

Will a new condensing oil boiler be more efficient than non-condensing oil boiler?
Yes, condensing oil boilers are much more efficient than non-condensing (standard efficiency boilers).

On average a new condensing boiler will be 15-20% more efficient, like a SEDBUK band A rated Houndsfield oil fired boiler.

What is an external oil boiler?
An external oil boiler is installed outside within its own weatherproof casing, which has the benefit of saving valuable space around the home.
What type of oil should I use?

Heating oil is the fuel of choice for around one million homes in the UK.

It can be used for both heating and cooking and offers similar advantages to mains gas in terms of convenience and ease of use.

The latest liquid fuel-fired condensing boilers have efficiency ratings of over 90% – equal to gas boilers – and liquid fuel is one of the cheapest fuel options available.

Another great advantage is that it’s easy to shop around for the cheapest deal because homeowners are not tied to using one supplier.

You can also choose when to fill your oil tank, enabling you to buy when prices are low.

Iain Head Oil Fired Engineer and Registered Plumber