Oil tank cleansing and fuel polishing


At Head Plumbing Services Ltd, we are proud to be able to offer a new service of tank cleansing and fuel polishing.

With our specialist machine, we offer a complete light commercial and domestic fuel cleaning solution to your doorstep.

Why do I need my heating oil / fuel tank cleaned and polished? 

This is simply due to an unavoidable problem within stored fuel with water contamination and microbial bacteria (diesel bugs).

Over time water and bacteria can build up at the bottom of fuel tanks. This can cause all manner of problems for oil fired boilers and cookers . Water can enter the tank in different ways, common reasons include cracked tanks, damaged vents and caps allowing rainwater in, and condensation forming due to daily temperature changes accumulating into water droplets over time. Any water that enters the tank will sink to the bottom of the tank and sit under the fuel. Over time this accumulation of water and bacteria can build up, leading to problems like an invalidation of warranty, expensive boiler breakdowns, therefore causing inconvenient downtime. 

We carry this service out as standard on all oil tank replacement and installations.


What is the fuel polishing process?

Before any work is carried out, our engineers will take a sample of your fuel to determine its quality then begin the process.

Our specialist machine filters the fuel passes through a three-stage process

Stage 1 – Separation 

As fuel enters the assembly, it moves through the centrifuge and spins off large solids and water droplets, which are heavier than fuel, and fall to the bottom of the collection bowl. 

Stage 2 – Coalescing 

Small water droplets bead-up on the surface of the conical baffle and cartridge filter. When heavy enough, they too fall to the bottom of the collection bowl. 

Stage 3 – Filtration

 Proprietary Aquabloc® cartridge filters repel water and remove contaminants down to 2 micron which is an industry high.

What are the benefits of fuel polishing and is it expensive?

Due to its complexity and the highly specialised equipment involved, many people assume that fuel polishing will cost a lot. However, it is actually one of the most cost-effective treatments available when all factors are considered, such as

  • Very little fuel waste
  • Lack of down time
  • No need to re-purchase a new fuel

Can all contaminated fuels be cleaned?

Well, there is a limit on how effective fuel polishing can be and after conducting our quick tests, we will have a far better idea about how effective the remedial work will be.

Should we find that the fuel is too damaged to be effectively cleaned and brought back to good use, we recommend removing and replacing the waste fuel.

If you do opt-in to remove and replace your waste fuel, our fuel remove service will ensure your waste fuel is safely and legally removed from your site. We can then optionally supply you with a new fresh batch.

Do you offer this service for agricultural and plant equipment?

Yes, we can polish agricultural and plant equipment too.

Do I need to bring our agricultural or plant equipment to you and what will happen if left untreated ?

No, We provide a mobile service and will travel to your site to perform our fuel polishing service and tank cleaning. 

Due to the nature of their use, agricultural and plant equipment can spend long periods of time sitting without being used. This, as a result, makes their fuel tanks an ideal environment for the growth of algae and bacteria leading to the more commonly known condition, diesel bug. If it is left untreated this may eventually spread to the rest of the fuel system and block filters, pumps and injectors reducing the reliability of your equipment.